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Board Meeting

$150.00/per Hour

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Our Mission

Promote profitable real estate and business relationships.


REB Network regularly welcomes seasoned business leaders to share their views on the past, present, and future of business.

Through the years our special guest speakers have included Houston Gunn, Andy Henriquez, and we are always looking for new motivational figures in the real estate and business world. Are you an expert in your field? Contact us today to reserve your spot to speak in front of our esteemed members!

Refer a Friend!

Help grow the REB Network and you will be rewarded! Our mission is to educate and inspire – if you know someone who can benefit from attending our weekly meetings, invite them!



The Real Estate and Business Network publishes a free weekly newsletter. Sign-up and get valuable information about the real estate market as well as awesome tips and links. Use the link below or click our newsletter tab on the left.



What a great group of people! No fear in sharing excellent and vital information… all with a smile. Good ideas to get your real estate business going!

Eyal Grad, Investor/Trader

Allen’s weekly network was where I first got started 4 years ago when I was 17. Since then it has really launched my career and network in South Florida.

Tiger Sun, RawR Marketing

I’ve been attending networking meetings for 40 years of my real estate career. Your meeting is the best of it’s kind. I recommend it all the time to both old timers and newbie’s.

Jim Wolfe, Investor/Trader

I have been coming to this meeting for several years and have always found the meetings to be very informative. Unlike other meetings, you can get practical information an investor can use. I also like the friendly atmosphere.

Eula Murray-Hylton, Licensed Insurance Agent

I’ve gotten solid business from the members of the group that are still on the books. Thanks for running the meetings.

Tyrone Banks, Insurance

In the few years I’ve been attending these meetings I’ve learned enough to put my life in gear and began buying homes below asking price. I have also made many new contacts for home repairs, investment choices and most of all new friends. Everyone in the Club has been kind, informative and surprisingly honest. Keep up the great work Allen. We’d be lost without your meetings.

Dave Baumwald, D&M Home Development